Elevating Sports & Orthopedic Care

Our task was to revamp Orthosports into a holistic sports & orthopedic medical center. With our expertise in UI/UX design, we aimed to create a seamless and intuitive responsive website that showcased their excellence in orthopedic care. We highlighted their cutting-edge technology for treating tendon, ligament, and bone injuries, emphasizing their commitment to patient-centric care. The goal was to establish Orthosports as one of Dubai’s finest orthopedic clinics, catering to both avid athletes and active individuals, and ensuring they receive the best orthopedic solutions available.


UI/UX Design




Responsive Web

Project Background

Orthosports, a prominent orthopedic clinic in Dubai, has been a leading provider of exceptional orthopedic care for the past 18 years. As they set their sights on becoming a holistic sports and orthopedic medical center, they aimed to elevate their services and technology to address a wide range of tendon, ligament, and bone injuries for both avid athletes and active individuals.

Our collaboration with Orthosport’s Marketing team involved a UI/UX design overhaul for their responsive website. The project’s objective was to create a seamless and intuitive digital platform that highlights their expertise, dedication to patient care, and cutting-edge treatment solutions, reaffirming their position as a top-tier orthopedic destination in Dubai’s healthcare industry.


Discovering the Vision for the Revamp

Our team’s extensive experience in the healthcare industry and product revamps provided a solid foundation for approaching this project. We initiated the discovery phase by engaging in several calls with the product team to gain a clear understanding of their expectations for the revamp.

During these discussions, we uncovered the primary objective of the project – to transition Orthosports from a founder-centric clinic to a comprehensive and holistic healthcare provider. This transformation would encompass a broader scope, extending their expertise to orthopedic care, physiotherapy, and sports medicine. Armed with this vision, we embarked on crafting a strategic plan to effectively realize their goal and create a digital platform that truly represents Orthosports’ commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services.


Redesigned Website Architecture

Following the discovery phase, our focus shifted to salvaging valuable content from the existing website while envisioning a high-level architecture for the revamp. This involved redefining navigation and strategically placing screens to optimize user experience.

Wireframing the primary screens and layout was the next step, allowing us to visualize the placements of different sections and design elements. To ensure alignment with the product team’s vision, we engaged in continuous discussions, seeking their valuable input at every stage. This collaborative approach facilitated the early identification of optimal solutions, enabling a smoother and more efficient design process.


High-Fidelity Interface

With a solid visual structure in place through wireframing, we delved into defining high-fidelity interfaces, revamping the color palette with primary and secondary colors. We retained Blue as the primary color, symbolizing loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust, while introducing complementary secondary colors for different use cases.

In the pursuit of finding the perfect typeface for orthopedics, we settled on Gilroy, a modern sans serif font with a geometric touch. Its wide variety of weights and uprights offered versatility and aesthetic appeal.

To ensure consistency across the website, we designed global components, such as cards catering to different use cases. These components maintained a unified and harmonious design throughout the platform.

Subsequently, we meticulously designed various pages for the website, showcasing Orthosports as a leading healthcare provider in orthopedics, physiotherapy, and sports medicine. The high-fidelity interface encapsulated the essence of Orthosports’ commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare services and creating a seamless and engaging experience for users.


Efficient Handoff to the Development Team

The delivery process to the development team was seamless, thanks to our meticulous organization of files in a developer-friendly manner. Our comprehensive approach included well-documented use cases for components, defined and consistent text and color styles, and clear guidelines for color usage.

By presenting a structured and detailed design handoff, we facilitated a smooth transition from design to development, ensuring that the development team could effortlessly implement the envisioned high-fidelity interfaces. This collaborative effort allowed us to maintain design integrity and achieve a cohesive and exceptional user experience for Orthosports’ website.


Positive reception for holistic medical center.

Stakeholders pleased with visual and brand shift.

Successful transformation, reinforcing top-tier status.

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