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As a design partner we had to design a user-friendly platform for domestic parking sharing and offer convenient parking services across various locations. Implementing the aggregator model, we developed a B2C mobile app that connects customers in need of on-demand parking with landlords, aiming to establish regularized parking infrastructure.


UI/UX Design


Parking and Transportation 


Mobile Application & Responsive Web

Project Background

Karking is a visionary platform aimed at revolutionizing the way people access and utilize parking spaces. The idea behind Karking was conceived with the goal of creating a seamless and regularized parking infrastructure for the masses.

Recognizing the challenges faced by urban dwellers in finding suitable parking spots and the underutilization of available parking spaces, Karking was born. The platform serves as a one-stop solution for domestic parking sharing, connecting individuals seeking on-demand parking with landlords who have available parking spaces.

Through a user-friendly B2C mobile app based on the aggregator model, Karking provides convenient and efficient parking services to people in all locations. By optimizing parking space utilization and bridging the gap between parking seekers and space providers, Karking seeks to transform the parking experience, making it hassle-free and accessible for everyone.


Parking Management Market Challenges

Our main challenge during this project was to comprehend the intricacies of the parking management market, which is valued at $3.34 billion and growing at an annual CAGR of approximately 7%. Designing an early user experience for efficient parking management and providing a technology-driven solution to reduce long waiting times were key goals.

Our task involved creating a mobile platform that would help the founders test and launch the product successfully in the market. To ensure effective testing, we focused on delivering a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

Drawing from our experience with early-stage startups, we understood the unique obstacles and challenges founders face while building early prototypes for testing and validation. Our empathetic approach allowed us to serve and support early-stage startups with enthusiasm and dedication.


Pain Points and Competitive Landscape

Our team embarked on multiple calls with the client to gain deep insights into their pain points, motivations, and problem statements. Through these conversations, we gathered substantial evidence and obtained clear direction for planning the next steps of the project.

Additionally, we conducted extensive secondary research and thoroughly analyzed both direct and indirect competitors’ platforms, including their user reviews.

The research unveiled a common theme among most apps in the market. Many were attempting to address multiple issues simultaneously, failing to directly tackle the user’s core pain points. Furthermore, we observed that these apps featured outdated designs and lacked a competitive user experience capable of resolving the real challenges associated with parking management and booking


Project Scope and User Flows

With valuable insights gathered from client calls and extensive secondary research, we moved forward to refine the problem statement and bring more precision to our approach. This laid the foundation for identifying distinct personas and crafting well-defined user flows.

In the User App, we introduced Pre & Post booking flows, as well as seamless wallet integration to enhance the user experience. On the other hand, the Owner’s App incorporated a comprehensive registration and management flow for properties and locations, streamlining the process for property owners.

By strategically implementing these features, we ensured that Karking’s platform catered to the unique needs of both users and property owners, creating a seamless and efficient parking management experience for all.


User Interface with Elegance and Simplicity

To ensure a cohesive and visually appealing design for the platform, we crafted a comprehensive design system encompassing colors, typography, and consistent scales. The User Interface (UI) was strategically designed to pique curiosity among users, featuring strong Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons without any distractions. This approach resulted in a simple and straightforward flow for booking and parking, enhancing user convenience.

The design system’s foundation was built on the color purple, symbolizing luxury, which we blended with neutral and other secondary colors. Proxima Nova, a robust and geometric sans typeface, was chosen to complement the overall aesthetic.

Furthermore, we assembled a small library of components, ensuring consistency across the entire app. This streamlined design system enabled us to deliver an elegant and user-friendly interface, setting the stage for a seamless parking experience for both users and property owners.


Delivering a Smooth and Refined Design

Our team conducted thorough internal testing, subjecting the entire design to rigorous measures. The testing process was remarkably smooth, and we made minor tweaks to certain visual elements based on the test outcomes. With these final refinements, we successfully handed over the polished design to Karking’s dedicated development team.

Through seamless collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, we ensured that the design aligned perfectly with Karking’s vision and objectives. The handover marked a pivotal moment in the project, as the carefully crafted design now paved the way for the development phase, bringing Karking’s innovative parking management platform one step closer to reality.


Successful app launch for early user testing among target groups

Developed early prototype for investor presentations and stakeholder engagement

Milestone achievement reflecting project progress and dedication of
the team

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