Redesigning a women’s superclub

Given their status as a luxury gym, the primary goal was to create an elegant and contemporary visual design that would entice users to delve deeper into their offerings. We assisted FitnGlam in achieving this vision by providing expertise in crafting a sophisticated and captivating design approach. Through collaborative efforts with their marketing and design teams, we implemented strategic design elements, refined aesthetics, and user-friendly navigation, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience.


UI/UX Design


Fitness & Lifestyle


Responsive Web

Project Background

FitnGlam, a Fitness & Lifestyle Club situated in Dubai, offers a wide array of luxury amenities, multiple Gyms & Studios, and exceptional boutique classes for its extraordinary community of women. To enhance their services, FitnGlam aimed to revamp their website and introduce an Online shopping feature for their exclusive clothing brand.


Understanding the Fitness Industry

During our discussions with the product marketing team, the goal was to design a minimal yet elegant website that would captivate visitors and encourage exploration of FitnGlam’s various offerings.

Additionally, we aimed to generate inquiries from local customers interested in the Gym and Studios while emphasizing the Shop Experience and showcasing the available products.


Creating Flows and Wireframes

Once we aligned their expectations and set realistic goals, we devised an approach to understand the project and began the website revamp process. Familiarizing ourselves with the existing content and structure, we aimed to simplify it while integrating new features, such as the shop section.

Through wireframing, we collaborated with the team to gather their feedback and established a clear objective for the home page – showcasing FitnGlam’s wide range of services.


Designing an classy fitness website

Next, we integrated FitNGlam’s brand guidelines into a visually stunning interface. With captivating high-quality image-focused banners, we aimed to attract visitors at first glance. The homepage’s Hero image played a crucial role in making a strong impression. By strategically placing a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) on the banner, we invited visitors to explore our studios and gym as our guests.

The team began refining the website’s overall appearance, opting for a sleek theme with alternating dark and light grey backgrounds while highlighting the provided services.

With a conversion-focused approach, we crafted membership pages to entice and convert users effectively. The club pages were carefully designed to showcase the luxury items and services available in our gyms and studios.


Design Handoff to Dev Team

Once we had the initial high-fidelity designs ready, we held a call with the product and marketing team to gather their views. They expressed satisfaction with the design and provided valuable inputs. After making some minor tweaks, we were prepared to handoff the design to the development team.

The collaboration continued as we remained in constant touch with the developers and product team, addressing any issues they encountered during development.

After around a month, our product was successfully launched and went live.


Positive customer feedback on new design and added services.

Significant surge in inquiries and conversion rates.

Improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

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