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Empowering Blockchain Exploration and Investment

Dive into the world of blockchain possibilities and create a user-centric platform where enthusiasts can explore, compare, and invest in diverse blockchain solutions. Develop a seamless experience for users to filter solutions based on industries, gain valuable insights, and spark innovation in their businesses.


UI/UX Design


Technology, Blockchain


Responsive Web Application

Project Background

BlueSky Intel is a cutting-edge platform that allows users to list and compare a wide range of blockchain solutions based on industries, use cases, and other essential criteria. Not only can users invest in various blockchain solutions, but they can also gain valuable insights and stay updated on the ever-evolving blockchain industry.

With over 500 verified blockchain solutions listed across multiple industries, BlueSky Intel offers an extensive database to explore. Our task was to create an engaging and intuitive user experience, enabling seamless comparison of solutions based on multiple factors. Through carefully designed flows, users can easily navigate the platform, access industry-based filtration, and discover key insights to inspire innovation within their own businesses. BlueSky Intel empowers users to make informed decisions and harness the full potential of blockchain technology.


Activating the "coming soon" mode

We embarked on designing an exceptional application that enables users to explore and compare multiple blockchain solutions, invest in them, and receive timely insights from the dynamic blockchain industry.

During the design process, the founders sought to generate early interest and run a market campaign. To achieve this, we crafted and hosted a compelling landing page, drawing inspiration from the LIFT model, which effectively generated a substantial number of leads.

Our primary goal for the landing page was to showcase the relevance and advantages of blockchain technology, ensuring a seamless user experience with minimal distractions and clear, upfront value propositions. With this innovative approach, we aimed to propel the future of blockchain technology towards greater heights.


Understanding Blockchain Industry

When our Landing page was up and running to gather leads, we had several calls with the product team to get to the heart of the matter. Working in the blockchain industry was new to us, and understanding it was a bit challenging.

Thankfully, the product team guided us through it, helping us grasp the ins and outs of the industry. This knowledge allowed us to understand what the stakeholders wanted from the product, and it was truly valuable for our project.


Problem Statement & Flows

After gaining a good grasp of the industry and product expectations, we delved into defining a research-backed problem statement, forming a solid strategy.

Venturing into design synthesis in a new industry brought excitement. We crafted personas and mapped their journeys on the product, engaging in insightful discussions with the product team.

Next, we began sketching rough wireframes for the solution, incorporating the mapped journeys, and presenting high-level component structures for visualization. It was a thrilling process that helped shape the foundation of our design approach.


Designing Visuals & Interfaces

We kicked off our design process, beginning with crafting a color palette. We made subtle adjustments to the brand’s existing Blue Hue and introduced a couple of complementary colors to enhance our design possibilities.

We opted for the Montserrat typeface, seeking a versatile font that would improve the website’s hierarchy. With its 9 available weights, Montserrat provided us with ample options, making it an excellent choice as our primary typeface. We proceeded to establish a comprehensive typography system centered around Montserrat to maintain consistency and elevate the overall design aesthetics.

Ensuring prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons was a top priority, achieved by creating a strong contrast for them.

To maintain consistency throughout the product, we designed various levels of cards and components, which greatly contributed to the website’s neat and cohesive appearance. The end result was a website that exuded a polished and harmonious user experience.


Design Handoff to Dev Team

Once we had the initial high-fidelity designs ready, we held a call with the product and marketing team to gather their views. They expressed satisfaction with the design and provided valuable inputs. After making some minor tweaks, we were prepared to handoff the design to the development team.

The collaboration continued as we remained in constant touch with the developers and product team, addressing any issues they encountered during development.

After around a month, our product was successfully launched and went live.


Positive customer feedback on new design and added services.

Significant surge in inquiries and conversion rates.

Improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

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